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Style is versatile

I told her to try wearing skirts and heels and she said “Nah I only wear jeans and sneakers”. Then I asked her to let me style an outfit for her without deviating much from her style of dressing.  And the results…. Please note that in all three styles, we used the same skirt from … More Style is versatile

Can we just!.

So, have you noticed the amount of time people spend on taking their social media photos? Have you noticed how much of a great deal it is?  I mean 1.They ensure good lighting & background 2. They ensure that the “photorer” captures the “photoree” in the right angle 3. The editing process including “filterazation”  etc … More Can we just!.

Private account

I honestly dont understand why “as a potential customer” have to request to view your products first. I really think its utterly unnecessary to have a private business page. Rather separate your personal posts and your business posts by having two separate pages.