Thrive from your skill

My name is Boikanyo, the founder and owner of an online vintage store called Tickle_Your_Vintage.

I started this brand while  going through some rough financial conundrums of my life two years ago. Ive always loved vintage clothes and my friends would always compliment my outfits and even make me offers on buying the clothes from me. 

While I knew I was good at thrifting and matching outfits (later learned that its actually called Styling!. Lol), I never could have thought of making money out of that skill, well, atleast until I got into that situation I mentioned above and had to do some serious adulting to survive.I mean I was renting some space at that time and well, quiet frankly, still preferred my supplies from Woolworths store (hides).

Remember those friends who used to make counter offers, I had them on speed dial and sold those clothes like hot potatoes. And as my situation was looking green, a good friend of mine showed me a mine to thrift from and since then I never looked back. 

I have even opened a physical store downtown johannesburg and its yet to thrive. 

Ps_this is one of the gems I got at a very reasonable price compared to well known retails stores.

I know right, It looks expensive. And then…and then the younger money loving me got a little broke one time and decided to sell it for some quick cash, still regret that decision to date. 


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