How to care for vintage clothes

After a long day, there is nothing more relaxing than peeling off those clothes, chucking them in the laundry basket, changing into something fresh and letting your hair down. 

When it comes to vintage clothing however, a bit more care is needed. 

This post will help you ensure that your most valued pieces wash well and without damage.after all, the loss of a single button can be a big blow. 
Here is a checklist:

1. There are 3 important things to remember when caring for vintage clothing, Hand Wash, Hand Wash and HAND WASH. It may take a bit of extra time but it is the best way to ensure that your clothing comes out of the wash the same way it went in. I mean after all a lot of vintage was designed before washing machines. Use warm water and a very mild soap. It is also a good idea to add a spoon of salt to control the dye-runs. Remember to support the garment during the washing process and to lay the garment flat after washing.DO NOT handwash velvet, silk or rayon. 

2. Dry clean fabrics like rayon, velvet, silk and wool.

3. If your garment has any embellishment such as beads,tassles etc, it is also advisable to have it dry cleaned.

4. Be careful of what you iron. Velvet is a big no-no. Just be very sure before ironing anything.

5. Store your vintage garment in a cool area,preferably away from sunlight. Sunlight can often bleach and drain the colour of the fabric.

6. Be careful of areas with high temperature or damp areas. Moldew can destroy vintage clothing.

7. Use wood or well padded hangers. Let the clothing breathe as muh as possible. Fold and pack items such as lace and rayon away in flat boxes.

8. Never store your vintage garments in plastic. Pillow cases or old bed covers work wonders. 

9. If the piece of clothing is lucky enoughto have a label, then follow the instructions on the label.

10. Be very careful when caring for your vintage clothing. You can easily extend or decrease the life of a garment in the way you care for it. 
Please drop a comment below if you have a secret of caring for your vintage gems. 

Ps_sharing is caring akere. 


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