Can we just!.

So, have you noticed the amount of time people spend on taking their social media photos? Have you noticed how much of a great deal it is?

 I mean

1.They ensure good lighting & background

2. They ensure that the “photorer” captures the “photoree” in the right angle

3. The editing process including “filterazation”  etc etc

Bona, If we are able to put as much effort to perfect how the rest of the world(kera if you have international followers also akere) is going to receive us through our photo stories, then we have as much an ability to do so in every aspect of our lives.

So can we just re tseele maphelo a rena matsapa the way re tseelang dinepe tsa rena? 

Ne keno highlighter fela akere bo mmata

Okay, thanx



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