Comfort is key

Errands day had always been such a bore because I would always want to be in heels. I could obviously wear pumps but kedi tlhoile ntho engwe gae lekane le nex. Anyways sneakers would have been an option but to me at the time, it meant having to wear jeans and I am not really into them that much. They like the last thing I opt for. Am a dress and skirt kinda chica.

 So my cousin then bought me creepers for xmas and oh boy am I obsessed or what? My obsession with them is just beyond. I want them in every color. They like the coolest, easy to wear kind of sneakers and comfortable too. Those are my key things in an item. So i tried them with my pleather midi skirt and my favourite jersey in the whole wide world  lol ( okay just joking but i love this jersey) and……

Nevermind my bantu knots (It was still too early in the morning) 

And then, I spilled milk on it and had to do a quick change, results-

So here I had undone my bantu knots(protective night hairstyle for natural hair)  and attempted to a push back. Like imagine on a skirpot textured hair nna ke nyaka go robatsa. So anyways please dont judge my bumps. Ke tshaba kamo. 


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