Support system

There is nothing  as demeaning to a purpose as the lack of support from your close ones. Just as there is nothing as frustrating as doing something that doesnt bring you any joy. 

I am really grateful to my mom who has always let me be. She never interferes with the plans I have for myself. Like you know when you were busy fighting with you fam bale busy telling you to study towards being a CA????  And I was outchea telling my mom that I wanna drop out of ‘varcity and she will always tell me the same thing all the damn time, “Its your life my child,I have my own”! Well just to clear things, I never dropped out, I finished my degree in record time and although at the moment I am all about entrepreneurship, I think in my next life I would want to practise as an economist/econometrician-I really think Im still a child to be experiencing such employment conundrums, those stuff aint easy.

So anyway, my point is that for as long as you have a great support system,you will thrive because any direction you pull yourself towards, there they will be with you. 

When I started being a vintage collector, my fam was there and to date they still respect that part of my grind. My partner also-thank God for blessing me with a businessminded soul-understands how important that part of my grind is to me. There are other things on the side but you see, Tickle Your Vintage is at the centre of my heart. He is super super supportive and has contributed a whole lot towards the TYV Store. 

So always be grateful to those that are always there when you need them. 

Ps- This is where we are now 

And we are still growing. Those plastic mannequins will soon be a thing of the past. 


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