Oil Pulling

So last night while on the net I came across this method of keeping your dental health in check but I suppose it doesnt replace those annual dental visits. 

I was initially checking if I could use coconut oil for some salad instead of sesame seed oil, but you know google mos, in came this pop up and I was immediately curious. I read on it further and I think I want to try it, however the thought of keeping oil in my mouth for 20 minutes is just yurk!! Luckily, as always I buy odourless coconut oil, just a pity I couldnt get the extra virgin organic one, so scarce at times. 

So the process is that, immediately when you wake up before you could even sip a drop of water, you (2 options here, put solid coconut oil in your mouth or melt it first) and swill it for 20 minutes. So in this 20 minutes you can probably bath or prepare your lunch or even meditate ‘coz you basically cant talk. When done you spit it out, DO NOT SWALLOW  because that oil contains a hella of a lot of germs you cant see with your naked eye. Also DO NOT SPIT in your basin because when oil gets cold water it solidifies again and might clog your basin over time. 

Ps. You can use any other oil. I personally prefer coconut oil because we have a good thing going on wabona. 

Also you do this once or twice a day. You can also do it at night instead of morning. Totally up to you. 

The benefits, amongst others is teeth whitening, fresher breath etc etc and while I was reading further, other people says they use this to substitute brushing their teeth. IDK I dont think I can leave the house without brushing. 

Anyways, am starting tomorrow and will give you guys feedback next sunday. 


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