I met this beautiful soul ( lady on the left) about a year ago. We then collaborated into her being a model for my vintage brand. She is muslim so I was a bit worried as to how we are going to incorporate that fact in our styling. Well to my surprise, her headwraps and … More Headwrapping


Am always in awe of the hidden passages of johannesburg. Look at this art tlhe. This “statues” well I dont know what to call them were made from steel. This passage connects the precinct and the new residential/retail space in jeppestown.  So much creativity. My ultimate favourite was the pregnant woman with the man and … More spaces

Support system

There is nothing  as demeaning to a purpose as the lack of support from your close ones. Just as there is nothing as frustrating as doing something that doesnt bring you any joy.  I am really grateful to my mom who has always let me be. She never interferes with the plans I have for … More Support system

Comfort is key

Errands day had always been such a bore because I would always want to be in heels. I could obviously wear pumps but kedi tlhoile ntho engwe gae lekane le nex. Anyways sneakers would have been an option but to me at the time, it meant having to wear jeans and I am not really … More Comfort is key


So the other day I was going through my closet and came across one of my old items. A thick stripped skirt. Oh well, It aint my kind of style anymore mara ka nagana gore nkasefa bophelo gape wabona. So I took the skirt and paired it with my favourite black and white blocked top. … More Monochrome


So, remember how I wore this skirt the other day? With a denim shirt and block heels?  Well, today I decided to wear the skirt again(‘coz I love it that much’), however now as a dress. Yes! I know right?. Like a boobtube dress. The fitting was loose mara where there is a safety pin, … More Tralala


This skirt is extremely old. Probably my age! Got it from my grandmother. I love how these are back in fashion, but nah! They dont make them like this anymore. The quality of the fabric that is this skirt is just to die for. Did i mention the clour? Well, that too.  What i love … More Metallics